CSWAP Origins™ Staking

How CSWAP Origins NFTs can be staked to yield $CSWAP

In addition to being unique, high quality, hand-made pieces of art that tell an epic story, CSWAP Origins NFTs will also have significant utility!

Firstly, holding these NFTs will multiply your rewards in the CSWAP ISPO - more details on this can be found here.

Secondly, and this is the main subject of this page, staking these NFTS will yield you $CSWAP.

Additionally, we are currently looking into creative and innovative ways of providing even more utility to these NFTs in the near future. More on that coming soon!


This is a very exciting utility that we will be rolling out a few days after the public sale on December 29th of the first CSWAP Origins collection, The Underdog.

As explained here, each CSWAP Origins NFT will belong to one of the following tiers in order of increasing rarity: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

NFT tiers are allocated randomly according to their rarity. The more NFTs you buy, the greater your odds of minting a rare tier NFT.

When it comes to staking your CSWAP Origins™ NFT, the difference that the rarity makes is in how much $CSWAP rewards it yields - the rarer the tier, the higher the rewards. So a Platinum NFT will accumulate the most rewards, while a Bronze will accumulate the least.

How rewards are calculated

The way that rewards are calculated can be summarized as follows:

  • Each CSWAP Origins NFT collection will have a Total $CSWAP Rewards Pot allocated to it.

  • The total rewards pot will be divided into separate pools for each NFT rarity that will only be distributed to NFTs of that specific rarity. For example, the Bronze pool will be exclusive to Bronze NFTs, the Silver pool will be exclusive to Silver NFTs, etc.

  • Distribution of the total rewards will take place on a daily basis, so there will be a Daily Pot of rewards for each tier.

  • The daily pot for each tier pool will be displayed in the NFT staking portal and may change from day to day.

  • Early stakers, who start staking while their respective tier pools are still relatively empty, will end up getting a higher percentage of $CSWAP rewards than those who start staking later on when the pool is more saturated.

  • The way that the total rewards are initially distributed amongst the tiers is shown below. (This is the distribution as of this date, just before the public sale of The Underdog, and may change for future collections.)

TierRarityPool Distribution













Stake your NFTs early and for as long as possible to maximize your $CSWAP rewards.

Rewards for The Underdog collection

The initial daily pots of $CSWAP rewards for The Underdog collection when staking goes live will be as follows:

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