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The second collection in the CSWAP Origins™ series
In contrast to our previous collection, the theme of this second series is much darker. However, it is just as much part of the CSWAP Legend as our Underdog collection.
Those familiar with the CSWAP story know all too well, but for those who don't, take note...
…there can be no daylight without night, joy without sadness, good without evil,
…and ultimately, no heroes without VILLAINS.

Total Supply & Breakdown of Variants

For each of the 5 designs comprising this series, there will be 400 NFTs available, making a total supply for our Villains collection of 2000 NFTs.
Each NFT will belong to one of the following tiers in order of increasing rarity: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. As for the design, there will be an equal chance of each of the 5 designs being generated when a new NFT is minted.
When someone purchases an NFT, both the design and the tier of the NFT will be selected at random but according to their respective probabilities.
The number of each variant of NFT, as well as the rarity of each tier is summarized below:

Pre-Sale, Whitelist Sale & Public Sale

The sale of this collection will take place over three stages — a Pre-Sale, a Whitelist Sale, and a Public Sale.

Pre-Sale Details

When? Friday, March 24th, 10PM UTC
What? 500 NFTs encompassing all 5 designs and all 4 tiers.
Who? To reward our OG community's loyalty, the pre-sale will be exclusive to them.
How much? A discounted price of 180 ADA. Max 5-mints per order.

Whitelist Sale Details

When? Tuesday, March 28th, 10PM UTC
What? 1000 NFTs encompassing all 5 designs and all 4 tiers.
Who? Existing Underdog NFT stakers + 500 whitelist spots for partners & giveaways.
How much? A discounted price of 200 ADA. Max 5-mints per order.

Public Sale Details

When? Friday, March 31st, 10PM UTC
What? 500 NFTs of all designs & tiers + any NFTs left (if any!) from the Whitelist Sale.
Who? Everyone — this will be when the public can finally grab a Villains NFT!
How much? 220 ADA. Max 5-mints per order.


The artwork behind the Villains was created by a gifted artist and the striking beauty of the art in these NFTs make them truly special.
However, these NFTs are not just great pieces of collectible art — they also have real utility!
Staking these NFTS will yield you $CSWAP. Each tier has its own staking pool and each staking pool has an equal number of $CSWAP. Your yield will depend on what tier of NFT you stake — the higher the tier of the NFT, the higher the yield. For example, the $CSWAP in the Platinum tier stake pool will only be shared amongst 100 NFTs while the $CSWAP in the Bronze tier stake pool will be shared amongst 1300 NFTs.
Holding these NFTs will also multiply your rewards in the CSWAP ISPO — more details here.
Future utility — we are planning to provide even more utility to these NFTs in the near future! Stay tuned for updates.


  • You can connect to using a variety of wallets; our future DEX & NFTfi platform for a seamless ordering experience.
  • Send the correct amount of ADA to the specified address when the sales go live.
You can mint a maximum of 5 NFTs in a single transaction.
Continue browsing to the sub-pages to see the amazing artwork of our Villains!
Also, be sure to watch our Villain’s promotional video to get you in the mood!