General information about what an ISPO is and some of the details of the CSWAP ISPO.

What is an ISPO?

An Inital Stake Pool Offering (ISPO) is an exciting, popular and new way of raising funds for crypto projects that is unique to Cardano.

ISPOs work by enabling delegators of Proof-of-Stake networks to divert their staking rewards to the project they’re supporting and, in return, they receive project tokens. So by staking your ADA in one of our staking pools, you will receive CSWAP tokens instead of ADA rewards.

The biggest benefit of the ISPO model is that, unlike most other crypto fundraising models, it enables project supporters to participate and receive tokens while keeping their funds secure in their own wallets.

As well as being more secure for participants, the ISPO is the fairest and most inclusive method of launching and funding a project.

How can I participate in the CSWAP ISPO?

Those who wish to participate in this program can safely delegate their ADA to one of our official ISPO Staking Pools to earn CSWAP tokens. More detailed instructions can be found here: Participating in the CSWAP ISPO.

All funds raised via the CSWAP ISPO will go towards developing the CSWAP ecosystem.

Reasons to participate

There are several strong reasons why you should get involved in the CSWAP ISPO:


Extra Incentives

🐦 Early Birds

Early delegators will get additional rewards that can be up to 50% more than the nominal rewards.

These bonus rewards will be based on how saturated the staking pools are, with the bonus percentage trending lower the more saturated a pool gets.

The earlier you delegate, the higher your percentage return will be.

The current epoch's bonus percentage can be viewed on the ISPO dashboard.

🗓️ Special Events

Special events may bump up the bonus temporarily so watch our socials and announcement channel so you won't miss the occasion.


Holding multiple CSWAP NFTs will enable the holder to multiply the amount of CSWAP they can earn through the ISPO.

Stacking NFTs can earn you up to an extra 43% of ISPO rewards.

The NFT stacking formula is designed to be anti-whale, thereby making the rewards multiplier more accessible to the whole community. Details on the formula used and how to maximise your rewards can be found here.

Long Term Delegators

Those who delegate for a minimum of 10 epochs will be whitelisted to either mint an exclusive free NFT after the ISPO has concluded, or receive a heavy discount on one of our upcoming NFT sales. Details will be announced later.

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