How to Earn

How to obtain the $CSWAP token.

The $CSWAP token can be earned in the following ways:

1. Delegate your ADA to our ISPO (Initial Stake Pool Offering). Ticker: CSWP1

Go, search for CSWP1 and click on CSWP1. Connect your Cardano wallet, then click JOIN.

2. CSWAP Origins NFTs

CSWAP Origins NFTs can be staked to emit daily $CSWAP. If you are delegating > 50K ADA to our stakepool, it is actually more advantageous to use them as ISPO boosters. Try out the calculator here: => Rewards Estimator

3. CSWAP Allies NFTs

CSWAP Allies NFTs contain embedded CSWAP/ADA LP as well as partner token/ADA LP. Some time after our fungible DEX has launched, you will have the ability to burn the NFTs in order to extract the embedded LP. You can see the current market ADA value of the embedded LP here:

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