Participating in the CSWAP ISPO

How to take part in CSWAP's ISPO and earn the CSWAP token.

There are 3 steps to participating in the CSWAP ISPO:

Buying ADA

If you don't already own ADA, the easiest way to buy some is through a centralized exchange. Those that are available to you will depend on your location but some of the popular ones are:

Setting up a Cardano Wallet

Once you have ADA, you will then need to hold it in a Cardano wallet before you can delegate it. If you don't already have a Cardano wallet then you will need to set one up. This is a simple process and you can find instructions on the wallet-provider's website or dapp.

Some of the popular wallets that support delegation are:

Once you have your wallet set up, transfer your ADA to it and you should then be ready to delegate.

Delegating to a Stake Pool

The more ADA you delegate and the longer you do so, the more CSWAP tokens you will receive.

The exact instructions on how to delegate your ADA to a stake pool will depend on the specific wallet you are using but this functionality should be available by clicking on Delegation (eg Flint), Delegation List (eg Yoroi), Staking (eg Eternl), etc directly through your wallet interface.

The exception to the above is Nami, where you can only delegate to the developer's stake pool (Berry) directly through the wallet. However, it is possible to delegate to any other stake pool indirectly by going through Instructions on this simple process can be found here.

Once you get to the delegation screen you will need to find the official CSWAP Stake Pools. You can find them by searching for the tickers listed below:


100% CSWAP

Early Birds: up to 50%

50% CSWAP / 50% ADA

Early Birds: up to 50%

Delegating to the 100% pool will reward you with DOUBLE the CSWAP tokens that you would receive from the 50% pool.

ONLY delegate to Stake Pools listed with the named tickers.

When a pool reaches saturation, do not delegate to that pool as you will not receive any rewards for your delegation. You can check how saturated a pool is by clicking on the tickers above.

As pools get saturated, additional pools will be added and this page will be updated with the relevant information.

CSWP1 Pool ID: pool165ljt7xrrpceutz5ppe96suuw0jcnrvhg0f5vu60df0r5mt0x0c

CSWP2 Pool ID: pool1tdtzmmmak0tkte2j2hr223dfnqpdy85ypd66tddwywpeuknn2pn

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