CSWAP DEX Capabilities

CSWAP DEX offers cutting-edge features and innovation.


The CSWAP DEX financial platform will be fully decentralized and trustless, leveraging Aiken for cutting-edge smart contract development. This allows for rapid iteration and efficient product delivery. We intend to provide a seamless user experience for all major Cardano wallets. Nami, Eternl, Flint, Gerowallet, and Vespr have already been integrated.

Best-in-class Token Swaps

Our smart contracts for token swaps provide our users with speed, security, and low slippage. By leveraging Aiken, we are able to enhance smart contract functionality and create a more robust trading experience. As Cardano evolves, our trading experience will continue to evolve at the same pace. Our trading system is designed to be easy to use yet elegant at the same time, appealing to users from all corners of the larger cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Liquidity Pools & Rewards

We are committed to offering the most aggressive rewards in the industry. We will balance rewards with token demand and rely on algorithms that promote market stability. By reserving only 10% of tokens for the internal team, a large distribution of tokens will be available to the public via rewards and LP activities.

Market-based Algorithms

The Cswap Systems development team maintains a heavy focus on the relationship between token inflation rate and market conditions. Too often, we see DEX's fail by diluting existing token holders with inappropriate liquidity mining opportunities. Our automated mechanisms will ensure that opportunities do not cause dilution for inactive token holders. This will provide an important counterbalance to our lucrative LP activities.

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