The Underdog

The first collection in the CSWAP Origins series.
While Rising From The Ashes was the first CSWAP Origins NFT, The Underdog collection is the first multi-design series.
The theme of this first series was conceived after much thought and was selected for the way it would particularly resonate with the community. It conveys the message of how the seemingly weak and oppressed can rise up to achieve victory and dominance, making it a very fitting choice for the public launch of CSWAP Origins.

Total Supply & Breakdown of Variants

For each of the 5 designs comprising this series, there will be 300 NFTs available, making a total supply for The Underdog collection of 1500 NFTs.
Each NFT will belong to one of the following tiers in order of increasing rarity: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. As for the design, there will be an equal chance of each of the designs being generated when a new NFT is minted.
When someone purchases an NFT, both the design and the tier of the NFT will be generated at random but according to their respective probabilities.
The approximate number of each variant of NFT, as well as the rarity of each tier is summarized below:

Pre-Sale & Public Sale

The sale of this collection will take place over two stages - a Pre-Sale and a Public Sale.

Pre-Sale Details

When? Friday, November 18th, 21:00 UTC
What? 500 NFTs will be available and will only include the first three of the five designs.
Who? To reward the loyalty of our OG community, this will just be limited to them.
How much? 100 ADA

Public Sale Details

When? Thursday, December 29th, 22:00 UTC
What? 1000 NFTs will be available and will include all five designs that comprise the collection.
Who? Everyone - this will be when the public can finally get their hands on CSWAP Origins!
How much? 150 ADA


The artwork behind The Underdog collection was commissioned to a highly talented digital artist and the striking beauty of the art in these NFTs is clear for all to see.
However, these NFTs are not just great pieces of collectible art - they also have real utility!
Staking these NFTS will yield you $CSWAP. Each tiered NFT has it's own Staking Pool equal to a number of $CSWAP. Your yield will depend on which tier of NFT you stake - the higher the tier of the NFT, the higher the yield. For example, the $CSWAP in the Platinum tier Stake Pool will only be shared amongst 75 NFTs while the $CSWAP in the Bronze tier Staking Pool will be shared amongst 975 NFTs. (See the Breakdown Chart above.)
Holding these NFTs will multiply your rewards in the CSWAP ISPO - more details here.
Future utility - we are looking into creative and innovative ways of providing even more utility to these NFTs in the near future!


Minting of your NFTs will take place when you send the correct amount of ADA to the specified address when the sales go live.
You can mint a maximum of 5 NFTs in a single transaction.
Carry on browsing to the sub-pages to see the amazing artwork that makes up The Underdog collection!
Also, be sure to watch The Underdog collection promotional video - if this doesn't move you then nothing will!