Rising From The Ashes

CSWAP Origins 001 - The very first CSWAP Origins NFT


This is the very first CSWAP Origins NFT. Unlike subsequent collections, this one isn't part of a series and it comes in a single design - a phoenix Rising From The Ashes.

The symbolism of this first NFT is clear to anyone from the original CSWAP community. It encapsulates the origin story of the project and what it has set out to achieve.


This NFT has been freely distributed exclusively to the CSWAP "OGs" - those that have been on the CSWAP journey since the very start, since $CSWAP was an ERC20 token.

For those original community members, these stakeable NFTs will enable them to migrate their existing obsolete CSWAP ERC20 tokens to the new CNT $CSWAP.

Although distributed for free, these NFTs will have inherent value - they will allow the staker of the NFT to receive, by the end of their token distribution period, the same number of CNT $CSWAP that they originally held as ERC20 tokens. Please note that the holder will be subject to a BST (Blood, Sweat, and Tears) fee, based on their contribution to the project through various activities (ISPO, NFT sales, etc). BST can range from 5 to 100%.


This NFT comes in the same tiers that we have for the rest of our collections - Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each variant is representative of the number of ERC20 CSWAP tokens that were held by the original recipient of the NFT:

Beyond the OG Community

Due to the inherent value of these NFTs, it is inevitable that they will appear in NFT marketplaces. This will be because some OG community members may choose to cash in early on their NFTs rather than staking them and accruing their full entitlement of CNT $CSWAP. For those that purchase these NFTs on the secondary market, they will be able to accrue the CNT $CSWAP that the original owner otherwise would have. One person's loss is another person's gain!

Pricing of NFTs on Marketplaces

The prices of Rising From the Ashes NFTs may vary greatly when they do appear on NFT marketplaces. An NFTs value will mainly depend on the number of tokens it represents. One NFT may be in the Platinum tier and give the holder the right to stake it in return for millions of CNT $CSWAP, whereas another may be a Bronze tier NFT that only represents a few hundred tokens. This will be a major factor in explaining the difference in price of different NFTs, even amongst those that are in the same tier. Please be aware that your BST will vary based on your participation in the platform activities. Please check our medium articles before purchasing.

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