ISPO Rewards Multiplier

By holding CSWAP NFTs you can multiply your ISPO rewards - here are the details.

NFT Multipliers

The formula that we use to calculate how much your ISPO rewards will be multiplied by as a result of holding CSWAP NFTs is shown below:

So, while an infinite number of NFTS can theoretically be stacked and this will keep increasing the value of the multiplier; in practice, the multiplier will only increase very slightly per NFT added once the multiplier has reached 43%.

Holding 10 NFTs can yield a multiplier value of 43% but increasing your NFTs to 20 will only result in an increase of the multiplier to 43.5%.

Furthermore, the combination of 10 NFTs that will yield 43% is not just all Platinum NFTs as one might instinctively expect. In fact, holding 10 Platinum NFTs would only result in a multiplier of 38%.

If one held 10 NFTs, the optimum combination of types to maximise the multiplier would be 2 Platinum, 3 Gold, 3 Silver, and 3 Bronze.

For more details on how the multiplier formula works and the specific multiplier values for the different combinations of NFTs held, please refer to this Google Sheet.

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