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ISPO Rewards Multiplier

By holding CSWAP NFTs you can multiply your ISPO rewards - here are the details.

NFT Multipliers

The formula that we use to calculate how much your ISPO rewards will be multiplied by as a result of holding CSWAP NFTs is shown below:
is the Base Multiplier and
is the Series Stacking Scaler and these variables both have different values for each of the NFT types as can be seen above.
The number of NFTs that a user holds is represented by
where the first NFT held has a value of 0, the second has a value of 1, etc.
controls how much the value of the multiplier increases as additional NFTs are stacked. The values selected for this variable are such that they make this multiplier formula.....
Anti-whale - the benefit of holding additional NFTs from an ISPO multiplier perspective diminishes the more NFTs that you hold.
Inclusive to the whole community - the maximum multiplier can only achieved by holding a combination of the different NFT types and not just Platinum NFTs.
So, while an infinite number of NFTS can theoretically be stacked and this will keep increasing the value of the multiplier; in practice, the multiplier will only increase very slightly per NFT added once the multiplier has reached 43%.
Holding 10 NFTs can yield a multiplier value of 43% but increasing your NFTs to 20 will only result in an increase of the multiplier to 43.5%.
Furthermore, the combination of 10 NFTs that will yield 43% is not just all Platinum NFTs as one might instinctively expect. In fact, holding 10 Platinum NFTs would only result in a multiplier of 38%.
If one held 10 NFTs, the optimum combination of types to maximise the multiplier would be 2 Platinum, 3 Gold, 3 Silver, and 3 Bronze.
For more details on how the multiplier formula works and the specific multiplier values for the different combinations of NFTs held, please refer to this Google Sheet.