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The CSWAP platform will run on the $CSWAP token.

General Use Case

$CSWAP tokens can be used to pay fees, participate in special liquidity pools, and buy, sell, pawn, and swap CNFTs in our marketplace. Utility for the token will be continuously expanded as our platform offering evolves.

Balanced Rewards

We will balance rewards with token demand and rely on algorithms that promote market stability. Too often, we see DEXs fail by diluting existing token holders with inappropriate liquidity mining opportunities.
Our automated mechanisms will ensure that opportunities do not cause dilution for inactive token holders. This will provide an important counterbalance to lucrative LP activities.


Once freely distributed, Cswap-NFTs can either be locked in a smart contract that will provide token rewards, leveraged as multipliers in rewards based activities, or sold on an existing CNFT marketplace such as As with our token, utility for CSWAP NFTs will be continuously expanded as use cases evolve.