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Project Overview

CSWAP DEX: A progressive DEX for the Cardano Ecosystem, merging next generation DEX capabilities with NFTfi.

Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

CSWAP is first and foremost a peer-to-peer decentralized marketplace where cryptocurrency traders can trade crypto via direct transactions executed by smart contracts on a blockchain.

Innovative Strategy

Our innovative strategy to merge the functionality of a DEX with the powerful capabilities of NFTfi will give us a huge advantage over any other DEX in the space. Our platform utilizes an advanced Automated Market Maker (AMM), and is powered by the CSWAP community, one of strongest communities in the Cardano space.
The CSWAP DEX Platform and NFT Finance (NFTfi) Platform will be available via

Iterative Development

The CSWAP Systems team will build alongside the Community, in anticipation of better performance and rollout of new features. After widespread adoption, our DEX and NFT offerings will be well positioned as some of the first and most sophisticated DeFi applications on Cardano.

Building Alongside Cardano

With scaling protocol, Hydra L2, reaching a proof of concept phase, Cardano is headed towards an ambitious goal of more than one million TPS (Transactions Per Second). Hydra offers increased throughput, minimized latency, and cost-efficient solutions without substantial storage requirements.
In late 2021, Cardano executed at around 7 TPS. Near the end of Q1, 2022 the network is realizing around 250 TPS. This is a substantial improvement. The developers behind the Cardano protocol are making steady changes such as increasing block size and creating additional side chains for "mini-ledgers".