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CSWAP NFTfi Capabilities

CSWAP NFTfi will expand Cardano NFT utility to never-before-seen levels.

NFT Finance (NFTfi)

Defi + NFT . This next evolution of NFT utility allows NFT Holders to access liquidity they may otherwise not be able obtain.

Pawning (NFTs)

A common issue for NFT holders is that they tie up their cryptocurrency in assets that aren't liquid. This can sometimes lead to a hasty sale of a favored NFT or collection to "get liquid". With NFT Pawn, you will be able to lock your NFT in a smart contract that will provide $ADA. This will allow NFT holders to maintain control of their NFT without sacrificing market opportunity.

Staking (NFTs)

Imagine being able to stake an NFT in a liquidity pool just as you are able to stake your favorite cryptocurrency. A CSWAP-NFT holder will be able to lock their asset in a smart contract that provides token rewards in relation to the pre-defined value of the CSWAP-NFT or relative to its rarity tier.
The $CSWAP token will back our CSWAP-NFTs.

Cross-Chain NFTs

A cross-chain NFT enables users to benefit from the extensive community and security of the Cardano blockchain while being able access the NFT on other chains, providing a next generation strategy for a multi-chain future.